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I became interested in complementary therapies when I was taken to see an osteopath at 9 years old. I had complex issues with my health as a child: recurrent tonsillitis bouts, urinary tract infections - all treated with antibiotics. Sadly by my mid teens I had complex digestive issues, troublesome skin, debilitating premenstrual tension and was told antibiotics were really not working for me any more. I was a teenager studying science A levels hoping to become a Doctor - and suddenly found out the drugs didn't work for me.
I decided to try to study osteopathy and in hoping to do some background study was led to an evening class on Homeopathy at Goldsmiths' College in South East London.

Homeopathy did change my life, I went from long-suffering with a list of symptoms to well and happy. On completing my A levels, I attended the College of Homeopathy in London to study a foundation year, but then found myself working in the music industry and radio for the next 14 years. Homeopathy and complementary therapies were always my go to - I would always suggest remedies to colleagues suffering from minor ailments. When I had my first child I started studying again part-time and completed my homeopathy Licentiate in 4 years. I then went on to study Nutrition and later converted my Licentiate to a BSc, doing my research proposition on alternative treatments for the menopause.
After being run over in 2016 i went on to study a 2 year certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling in a Psychosocial framework, my interest in understanding this led me to working part-time in Adult Social Care - as a carer. I was doing this when the pandemic was declared and I continued to work face to face with elderly and vulnerable people throughout the pandemic whilst putting my private practice on line. As a result I completed qualifications in End of Life Care and Understanding Cancer in end of life.

This work led to my wanting to work constructively with the blocks that people find they have with their healing - particularly resulting from traumas they have experienced - this led to me qualifying in QEC - Quantum Energy Coaching in 2022.

So many of our lives are punctuated by events and traumas that lead to pathologies - QEC is a way of helping people understand what is holding then back and allowing them to reach their full potential.

I work with every person as an individual - everyone is unique and they are the expert of their own experiences. Together we will work to find which therapies will most help you with your healing.

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