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Therapies I work with:

I work with several therapies and we will together decide which ones are most relevant in your case.

Homeopathy is a gentle, effective system of medicine and is suitable for all ages. It is practiced worldwide and has been used for over 200 years.

Homeopathy stimulates the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. A homeopath will take a full account of your complete health picture, bearing in mind all symptoms - physical and emotional - to help to prescribe a remedy.
Homeopathic remedies have been through a process of dilution which enables them to act as a catalyst on the subtle energies of the body to promote healing. Remedies are derived from a variety of sources - including plants and minerals.

Nutritional Advice:
Nowadays we are much more aware of how integral our diet and the well-being of our digestive tract is to the entirety of our health.

It is thought that 80% of our immune system originates from our gut and the well being of our gut also contributes to the production of enzymes and hormones that contribute to our overall well being mental and physical.

By looking at what we eat, when and how, we can find clues to why our bodies might not be functioning as well as they could be. In terms of a consultation you will be asked to record a food diary - listing what you eat, drink and supplement/medicate - to help identify what could be going on. Particularly when it feels like there are symptoms relating to distinct foods. This process also helps us identify how we feel mentally and physically.

As a holistic therapist, a consultation does not only cover a client’s area of symptoms, but their entire lifestyle. This includes medical history, working life and current personal situation. Diet – consisting of what we eat, drink and ingest - is integral to how our bodies and minds can work, thus enabling us to be healthy, energetic and effective at best, to exhausted and depressed at the other end of the spectrum. I work with people to try and understand what they are eating, why they are eating it, and how it can affect them, both physically and mentally. If looking at weight loss it isn't just about losing weight, it's about understanding why the weight was gained in the first place.

Nutritional advice can help increase awareness of the effects of diet and other factors on our well being. Whether we want to lose weight, have digestive complaints that need investigation, or if we just need advice on whether we are doing the right things.

Quantum Energy Coaching - QEC:

Bringing together the power of human connection with neuroscience QEC works to free you from past trauma, internal stress and the effect of self- limiting beliefs.

A typical QEC session begins with a dialogue - discussing your unique needs by sharing your story with your practitioner. Most commonly you will be asked to describe the issue or issues that are affecting you right now - those that are uppermost in your awareness. The process of working with QEC can be likened to 'peeling the layers of an onion' focussing on the outermost layer before moving deeper to the issues that lie beneath. In each session, after dialogue what follows is the QEC method - a combination of powerful techniques designed to work with the subconscious mind. We create a gamma frequency that allows the neuroplasticity of the brain to 'rewire' itself - dispensing with unhelpful belief systems from conditional past trauma.

The main differences between QEC and other talk therapies:
Empowering - in QEC you heal yourself - you have full control of the process.
Absolutely safe : no side effects.
QEC is highly effective online or in person.

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